GE ADER65LN 65 Pint Home Basement Dehumidifier

Home Basement Dehumidifiers Reviews and Rating: ★★★★½ 

GE Home Basement DehumidifierThe GE ADER65LN 65 Pint Home and Basement Dehumidifier is the newest product that GE Consumer and Industrial has to offer. GE Consumer and Industrial have been a major leader in appliances, lighting and industrial equipment. They’ve been providing products to customers long enough to develop a reliable and trustworthy reputation. In fact they provide innovative technology to over 100 countries around the world.

GE strives to bring new technologies that help customers meet environmental challenges while still delivering comfort, convenience and products that really work. They have nothing to hide about this GE Home and Basement Dehumidifier. All the manuals are posted on-line for interested customers to read before they buy the product.

Dehumidifiers for basementsWhat makes the GE 17.5 Bucket Capacity Dehumidifier great? First of all, it is Energy Star certified. It uses R-410A refrigerant which is a lot less harmful for the environment. It only uses about 115 volts. This is a friendly option for both the environment as well as you wallet.

The electronic controls that the unit is equipped with make choosing the speed of the fan simple. There are three fan speeds to choose from. At each speed the GE ADER65LN 65 Pint Capacity Dehumidifier works silently, in fact, it hardly emits any sound.

The design of the dehumidifier insures a number of different things. First, by moving the air through the top rear, it insures that you will not have to feel a cold draft as the unit works. The design also enables it to work at low temperature. This guarantees that the unit will be able to perform in almost any location. Equipped with a filter, the GE ADER65LN is able to clean the area of any airborne bacteria, mold, dander, and odors.

While the unit can collect over 65 pints of water vapor a day, the bucket can only hold about 17.5 pints. The bucket size is set to make it convenient but not too heavy to handle. If you find that you have to spend most of your days emptying buckets or if you you have a lot of water to extract, the GE 65 Pint Capacity ADER65LN Dehumidifier has an drainage port. You can simply attach a hose to this drainage port and the dehumidifier will continuously dispose of the water through a nearby drain or sink.

If your unit does not need to work that hard, the water can be dumped out by removing the bucket. You will be notified when the bucket is full when the water level indicator turns on. The unit will also shut itself off automatically to ensure that it does not collect more water than it can hold. The bucket is located near the front of the unit so access is made easy.

The 11 inch by 23 inch by 15 inch dehumidifier can easily be rolled to wherever it is needed thanks to the caster wheels attached. The top and side handles make it easy to carry the 44 pound unit if necessary as well.

Reviewers are impressed with the many features and benefits the GE ADER65LN 65 Pint Home and Basement Dehumidifier has to offer. You will be too!

GE ADER65LN 65 Pint Basement Dehumidifier Features

  • 3 speed fan
  • Front located Bucket
  • Full bucket indicator light
  • Filter to purify the air
  • Drainage port
  • Automatic defrost control
  • Automatic shut off
  • Weight: 44 pounds
  • Size: 11inches by 23 inches by 15 inches
  • energy star certified

Customer Reviews

“In my house, a dehumidifier is essential because the basement is an whole floor of living space – and my favourite place! The GE ADER65LN, first GE I’ve tried: it is comfortably quiet and effective, I don’t believe the “pints removed” rating is exaggerated. It runs the compressor for a time, and then cycles to “fan only” to drop the water. Once the initial dehumidification of the living space is accomplished, it works quickly to remove moisture. It has a timer you can use if you wish, to have it shut off after 2 hours or 4 hours – a great feature to 1) save electricity and 2) extend the service life. I’ve used the timer a lot. You can tell if humidity is under control by the digital readout. With the reading, you get an idea of how often and when to use the timer. Thoroughly recommended.”

“In our very large basement we had a Sears Kenmore that did a great job but died after seven years which is reasonable since dehumidifiers only last about 5 years. I bought the GE because it was highly rated by Consumer Reports and it lives up to its billing. Collects as much water as the Sears Kenmore but much quieter. I highly recommend the GE but if you are considering other machines, go to the library and check out the recommendations of Consumer Reports. There is a huge variance in the quality of these machines.”

“I’ve had this in my basement for a month and a half now. I moved into my house in late August, and the basement had a musty smell. I plugged in the dehumidifier and set it to 50%. I’ve since raised it to 60% to save on energy, and the smell is still gone. The 65-pint container would not last 24 hours before having to be emptied in my basement, so it would shut off if I didn’t empty it at least twice per day. However, I attached a hose to it so that it now drains continuously into my sump pump. Great dehumidifier. I recommend it.”

“I have a very damp basement, so a dehumidifier is a must. After reading several reviews, I decided to try this one, and am glad I did. It’s very easy to set-up, and is very efficient. I like that it has multiple settings for fan speed, and that you can adjust the humidity level. Once turned on, it reduced the humidity in my basement from 85% to 55% in a matter of hours. Well worth the money.”

“Just the thing for our hot and humid summers in Nebraska! Top rated dehumidifier!”

GE ADER65LN Home Dehumidifier Buying Information

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